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Why did Occupy Tacoma protestors decide to obey the State of Washington’s illegitimate eviction notice and leave Occupation Park? The decision followed an agonizing debate.

This video is of my open letter addressed to the Mayor of Tacoma, the Honorable Madam Marilyn Strickland.  After we departed from the park (which is now fenced off and blocked to any public access), Ms Strickland congratulated us for leaving without resisting Washington State’s entirely illegitimate eviction order. However grateful most of us are that the mayor publicly recognized that we conducted ourselves legally and responsibly, we don’t see ourselves as being more virtuous than other Occupy communities around the country. Moreover, we support 100% our comrades elsewhere, even those who have been the victims of police assault.

This video is my explanation of why Occupy Tacoma is in solidarity with places like Occupy Seattle, Occupy Oakland, and Occupy Portland, and why we obeyed the eviction order.

You may download a printable copy of this open letter by clicking here.



Alan OldStudent
The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living – Socrates


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This is a piece that appeared at the http://www.occupytacoma.org website. People from all over the world come, which is why I go a little bit into who I am and where my city, Tacoma, is.

My name is Alan OldStudent, and I addressed the Occupy Tacoma protestors at Occupy Tacoma’s Occupation Park on Sunday, February 26, 2012, the last full day of the occupation. My address was the last speech given at Occupation Park. By mid day, the authorities had fenced off the park and left an open gate so occupiers could continue to remove their belongings and clean it up.


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